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We are working to explore new physics at the nanoscale, and to apply this knowledge to realizing advanced tools for the biomedical and life sciences. Our group's current focus is on (a) massively-parallel mapping of brain activity enabled by very-large-scale integration of nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices, (b) single-molecule mass spectrometry and molecular analysis enabled by arrays of nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), and (c) on the fundamental physics of NEMS.

The most exciting frontiers in nanoscience and nanotechnology, in our opinion, are highly cross-disciplinary and can only be explored by forging strong ties with other laboratories. We are privileged to be working with excellent collaborators around the world.

We are closely collaborating on the aforementioned topics with many groups worldwide. Some of the folks we're currently working with are listed here.

...In 2006 we formed the Alliance for Nanosystems VLSI (very-large-scale integration), a close partnership with scientists and engineers at CEA/LETI-MINATEC and CEA/LETI-CLINATEC in Grenoble, France. Together we have demonstrated the first examples of very-large-scale integration (VLSI) of nanoelectromechanical systems, and these have led to a first start-up, APIX Analytics, based in Grenoble. Our current efforts are focused on highly-multiplexed nanosystems -- for single-molecule analysis and for complex, local, and massively-parallel neurophysiological recording, stimulation, and chemical analysis in vivo. All of our efforts are founded on approaches that are readily producible en masse to enable both large-scale fundamental explorations at the frontiers of the life sciences, and commercializable technology.

In the News

Congratulations to the team!! We have received two new NIH BRAIN Initiative grants together with our esteemed collaborators, Professors Ken Shepard (EE and BME, Columbia U.), Randy Bruno (Neuroscience, Columbia U.), and Lihong Wang (=>Caltech, as of 01-01-17). One grant will support our efforts toward production and worldwide dissemination of our novel nanoprobe neurotechnology; the other will support our development of implantable, probe-based technology for photoacoustic imaging.

Our new paper: Nanofabricated Neural Probes for Dense 3D Recordings of Brain Activity has been picked as an ACS Editor's Choice, and is online as an open access article in Nano Letters.

Scientific American and Nature highlight Professor Roukes' talk at a meeting organized by the US National Science Foundation - Coordinating Global Brain Projects, hosted at Rockefeller University.

Professor Roukes' talk for the Caltech Breakthrough Campaign, entitled Moonshot for Neurotechnology: The Brain Observatory is now online for viewing.

Congratulations to our two newly minted Ph.D.'s -- Caryn Bullard (Physics) and Peter Hung (Applied Physics). Well done!

The group of 6 scientists that initially proposed a national project for brain activity mapping (which led to the Obama BRAIN Initiative) has reassembled to write a new "white paper" for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), entitled "A National Network of Neurotechnology Centers for the BRAIN Initiative". It has now been published as a "NeuroView (position paper) in the journal Neuron. (BTW -You can find Ref. 7 here.) This has been covered by Science and in a press release by the Kavli Foundation. 10-15-15

Congratulations to Peter!! Caltech's Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy has awarded Peter Hung the inaugural R. Bruce Stewart Prize for Excellence in Teaching Physics. The official announcement is here. 08-04-15

Congratulations to Selim and Scott! Our paper "Inertial Imaging with Nanomechanical Systems" by M.S. Hanay, S.I. Kelber et al., is published in Nature Nanotechnology. 03-30-15
Caltech's presss release on this work can be found here.
The University of Melbourne's presss release on this work can be found here.

Congratulations to Eric! Our paper "Neutral particle mass spectrometry with nanomechanical systems" by E. Sage, et al., is published in Nature Communications. 03-10-15

Professor Roukes delivers a Neils Bohr Lecture at the University of Copenhagen entitled "Integrated Neurophotonics: A Vision for Massively-Parallel Interrogation of Brain Activity". 11-12-14

Congratulations to Heather! Our paper "Vapor Sensing Characteristics of Nanoelectromechanical Chemical Sensors Functionalized Using Surface-Initiated Polymerization" by H.C. McCaig et al., is published in Nano Letters. 06-12-14

Congratulations to Matt! Our paper "Synchronization of two anharmonic nanomechanical oscillators" by M.H. Matheny et al., is published in Physical Review Letters. 01-10-14 Supplementary Information

Congratulations to Caryn! Our paper "Dynamic Similarity of Oscillatory Flows Induced by Nanomechanical Resonators" by E.C. Bullard et al., is published in Physical Review Letters. 01-10-14 Supplementary Information

Caltech Engineering & Science Magazine profiles local efforts and history behind the quest for brain activity mapping, and the evolution of Obama's BRAIN Initiative.  Fall 2013 Issue.

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