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imageNeurotechnology for multiphysical, massively-multiplexed interrogation of brain circuit activity.
Highly collaborative development and application of new tools for neuroscience permitting highly-multiplexed 3-D sampling of spatiotemporal "fields" within the brain to reveal information in the electrical, chemical and mechanical domains on an unprecedented scale. We are involved in close, intense, and very exciting collaborations involving multiple universities, and research & clinical institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Our collective efforts span from fundamental neuroscience, to device physics, to large-scale integration of nanosystems and foundry-based engineering & fabrication en masse.

imageWorldwide dissemination of massively-multiplexed neurotechnology for brain curcuit interrogation.
With support awarded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative, we are engaged in microelectronics foundry-based mass production of advanced nanoprobes, specialized ASIC chips, ultraflexible cables for animal headstages, and back-end controller electronics. This effort is being carried out in close collaboration with Professor Ken Shepard's group at Columbia University. Complete next-gen systems will be widely disseminated to interested neuroscience collaborators worldwide. Please stay tuned for more information... but feel free to contact Prof. Roukes if you and your research group are interested in participating in this exciting effort and employing this advanced technology in your research.
imageSingle-Molecule Analysis with Nanomechanical Systems
Optimization and application of a new form of mass spectrometry and biomolecular shape analysis involving arrays of nanomechanical pixels, which enables single-molecule studies of protein complexes.
imageNanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS)
Fundamental physics and device engineering of nanoelectromechanical systems.
imageSynchronization, Pattern Formation, Information, and Network Dynamics
Dynamics of arrays of coupled nonlinear oscillators based on nanoelectromechanical systems, and applications to the science of networks and information.
imageNanoscale Biosensors
Nanobiosensors for applications of in the life sciences and biomedicine.
imageMicrofluidic Biocalorimetry
Development of high-sensitivity microfluidic calorimeters, and their applications in the life sciences and biomedicine.
imageNanosystems VLSI
The Alliance for Nanosystems VLSI is an international collaboration working to realize the promise of nano-based tools, which provide a new level of functional complexity possible only through very-large-scale integration.


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